Keenan Diet Feeder Service

To get the maximum efficiency from your Keenan, it is important to keep the machine serviced regularly.

It is recommend having your machine checked over at least once a year by a qualified service technician. Peter Woodhouse's dedicated technicians will come out to farm, thoroughly check the machine over and grease up the machine. Should they find any areas that need attention, they will consult you of their findings and the urgency of the job that needs doing.

It's amazing how often Peter's customers think their machines are running fine but in reality they need a few alterations to reach it's maximum potential. For example, by replacing worn paddle rubbers, belly blades or blunt top knives you can dramatically improve mixing times, saving you time, fuel and ultimately money.

They have found that customers who have their feeders serviced regularly, save money in the long run, as their Keenan feeders are far less prone to breakdowns. Why cause yourself worry and stress about service and maintenance costs, let Peter's technicians keep your feeder running smoothly. "A stitch in time is the way to keep the running cost of a Keenan down"

A typical routine service would include:

  • Oiling and checking over the chains and chain tensions - If your chains are damaged it will be causing excess wearing on the sprockets.
  • Checking and replacing any worn or cracked belly blades - Blades don't last forever, you could be losing valuable chopping time by persisting with blunt blades.
  • Check for play in all the bearings – We will replace any bearings that need doing.
  • Check sprocket alignments - It is possible over time that the auger or rotor can shift out of line either backwards or forwards, if this happens your chains will be running out of line which will ultimately cause a failure if left untouched. Our engineer will check the alignments are all within tolerance and re-align them if necessary.
  • Check top knife condition and "knife edge to paddles" gap - This is critical on bale handler models in particular, the gap between the paddles and the top knife needs to be within tolerance to work efficiently, if the gaps are too big we will shim them up to the correct tolerance.
  • Check weighing and cables - The weigh box will be tested to make sure it is measuring correctly, any damaged cables will be either repaired or replaced if necessary, it is extremely important not to let damp or water get into any of the electrics as this will affect the weighing accuracy.
  • Check and replace any worn paddle rubbers if necessary - Just like the blades you will add extra mixing time by continuing to use worn out paddle rubbers, replacing these will save you time and money.
  • Check all seals and retainers - All seals and retainers will be checked for damage and replaced if necessary.
  • Greasing up all the grease points - Replacing any damaged grease nipples if necessary.

Peter Woodhouse only fit new parts, they will advise their clients of what they recommend needs doing and whether they feel it is a priority or not. This allows the client to decide if they want to go ahead, only then will the technicians fit new parts to a machine.


Peter Woodhouse & Co Ltd offers 365 days a year 24/7 Keenan breakdown service should the worst happen and your machine breaks down. They have four fully stocked transit service vans that cover the North of England and Scottish Borders.

Whatever the problem, however big or small, we will get you up and running again that same day.