Frequently asked questions about Keenan Relines

Q. How long will it take to complete a full reline on farm (belly, ends and auger)?

A. Depends on the model of the machine, for example if it's a bale handler model it will take a lot longer than a basic easi-feeder model, we anticipate how long the job will take therefore if we think it'll be a long day we will arrive early in the morning so that you have the machine finished for that evening.

Q. How thick are the steel reline plates we use?

A. We use 5mm steel plate for the following models 80,100,115,140 Keenan's, and 6mm for anything larger, K160,170,200, k280.

Q. How many times can I re-line my feeder?

A. Unless your machine is an older model (Easi-Feeder or not a Klassik), the maximum we would recommend is two times, any more than two sets of re-line plates will bring the belly too close to the paddles.

It is possible to remove all the old sets of plates by cutting out all the worn out steel and welding in a fresh belly if this problem occurs, this is labour intensive but is something we can do if necessary, this is more of a workshop job really as it will usually require 2 days work.

For Easi-feeders or non Klassik machines you could re-line the machine three or possibly even four times, this is because the gap between the belly and the paddles is larger.

Q. Why use Peter Woodhouse & Co Ltd to re-line my machine?

A. Peter Woodhouse and Co Ltd are authorized Keenan refurb agents, we are recognized throughout the UK as part of the Keenan service team, therefore a re-line that is fitted by Peter Woodhouse & Co Ltd will not only be installed correctly, but it will also reflect on the resale value of your machine should you require an upgrade in the future. Just mention that your machine has been re-lined professionally by us when the time comes you want to upgrade your machine for a higher re-sale value.

Q. How much will it cost to re-line my machine?

A. Depends on the make and model of the machine, obviously the bigger the machine the more steel is required which will increase the cost of the job. With the price of steel altering daily, we recommend you give us a call with your machine details for an up to date quote.