Diet Feeder Relines

A reline on a feeder is the process of welding in new steel liner plates over the top of the existing skin.

Over time your Keenan feeder mixing chamber will start wearing thin, you will be able to identify this by the sound of the belly as it is mixing (it tends to make a metallic clanging sound as the paddles rotate), you may also see a flexing in the steel from the outside of the machine or a crack or split appear in the steel which is a sure sign the machine is in need of re-lining.

The three main areas on a Keenan, which tend to wear out over the years, are known as the belly, the auger and the ends (see photo's for identification). Peter Woodhouse & Co Ltd stock a full range of plates for all models of Keenan for all these areas, our re-line team will travel to your farm and complete the job all in one day so you don't have to miss a feed.

With any belly re-line through Peter Woodhouse & Co Ltd, we will throw in a free service/check over as part of the package. All you will pay for is the parts; they will be fitted at no extra cost.

It is important to note that when belly re-line plates are welded in, they need to be fitted as close to the original belly skin as possible and also as level as possible, failure to follow these steps will result in increased drag on the machine whilst mixing, this could result in premature wearing of your new re-line plates, and all moving parts such as chains and bearings on the machine. A poorly fitted belly re-line will make the feeder very hard to drive and also affect the quality of the mix as the paddles in the mixing chamber will tend to lurch unevenly when rotating instead of the constant smooth process which is required to produce the perfect mix.

All members of staff at Peter Woodhouse and Co Ltd are fully trained and experienced when it comes to belly re-lines, they arrive on farm armed with all the necessary tools and equipment to carry out the task quickly and efficiently.

Peter Woodhouse & Co Ltd also offers a re-line service on any other makes and model of feeder. Most types of plates for a wide variety of models are held in stock at their depot. Please contact the team for further details.