MF400 Mech Fiber

KEENAN MechFiber 400

The MechFiber 400 is ideal for the larger operator requiring higher work rates, higher capacity, durability and trouble free operation. It has a heavy duty 4-Chain drive system and a capacity of 10 tonnes.

Lower power, torque and fuel requirements

A typical power unit to tow a loaded MechFiber 400 would be a 120 HP tractor. To drive the mixer when loaded, requires approximately half this power reflecting in a dramatic saving on overall fuel consumption by the larger tractor compared with other mixers.

Heavy duty chassis, steering axles and road-suspension

Tandem axles are fitted as standard and for utmost manoeuvrability steering axles are optional (with 3,000mm steering axle). The heavy duty chassis is designed to give the driver improved weight transference and improved stability when travelling at road speeds.

Four-chain drive system

The four-chain drive system is designed to extend the working life of the machine. This is all achieved by shortening the drive ratio on each individual chain and returning the drive to the auger with an independent chain. All four chains are tensioned by a spring assembly.

Oil bath

The four-chain drive system operates in an oil bath keeping all chains lubricated to their optimum levels for safety and longevity. The oil is constantly fed to the chains through a series of strategically placed channels and recycled back to the oil bath. This further improves the dissipation of heat and increases the working life of the chains.

Central greasing

For ease of maintenance ‘central greasing’ is fitted as standard to the MechFiber 400. An 18 port manifold allows you to grease those hard-to-reach bearings quickly and easily from one single point.

Baleblend Big Bale processing

The MechFiber 400 can be supplied with the latest Baleblend bale chopping technology. Big round or square bales of forage placed directly on the machine’s top cradle are chopped and incorporated into the ration in a matter of minutes.


  • ikeenan weighing system
  • New paddle rubbers
  • New blades
  • Fully Approved machine
  • Steering axle fitted
  • £ P.O.A
  • New super single wheels

400 Mech fiber Specifications (based on a standard tandem axle & super single wheels):

  • Height: 3380mm (133")
  • Width: 3000mm (118")
  • Payload: 10000kg
  • Horsepower: 120 hp
  • Milking cows p/load: 190/200

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