MF360 Mech Fiber

Mech fiber 360

The Mech-fiber 360 has the ability to feed large numbers of livestock with a single load and it is capable of working under the toughest of conditions, feeding large volumes day-in-day-out.

Increased mixing capacity

The increased capacity of the Mech-fiber™ 360 mixer is achieved with a longer body and by extending it down into the chassis and lowering the discharge auger to make a wider and deeper mixer. Variable discharge heights can be achieved with the use of ‘raisers’ and wheel sizes.

Lower power, torque and fuel requirements

Controlled chopping speed significantly reduces torque requirements. A typical power unit is a 110 HP tractor, resulting in a dramatic saving on overall fuel consumption compared with other mixers, despite the larger capacity.

Simple two-chain drive system

Keenan’s simple two-chain drive system has an unbeatable track record of reliability. A primary drive chain and three sprockets transmit power to the auger and idler. A second sprocket powers the much larger paddle sprocket.

Automatic oiler

An automatic oiling system can be fitted and is operated by the hydraulic rams opening and closing the guillotine door. This delivers ‘pulses’ of oil to the drive chains, lubricating them to the optimum levels for safety and improved chain life.

Heavy duty chassis, steering axles and road-suspension

The Mech-fiber™ 360 comes fitted with either single axles, tandem bogie axles or for the utmost manoeuvrability, steering axles. The heavy duty chassis is designed to give the driver improved weight transference and improved stability when travelling at road speeds (Single axle reduces payload to 6,500 kg).

  • Fully Approved Feeder
  • New paddle rubbers
  • Fully re-lined
  • iKeenan / In touch weighing system
  • Tandem axle fitted
  • P.O.A
  • New wheels

360 Mech fiber Klassik Specifications (based on a standard axle & super single wheels):

  • Height: 2991mm (118")
  • Width: 2746mm(108")
  • Payload: 8000kg
  • Horsepower: 105 hp
  • Milking cows p/load: 120-130

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