MF300 Mech Fiber

Refurbished Mech Fiber 300

The Mech-fiber 300 is specifically designed for farms with buildings offering limited access for a conventional sized diet feeder. It is precision engineered with greater manoeuvrability and employs the revolutionary new three-point chassis system.

Smaller mixer but larger capacity

The new improved design gives greater capacity in a compact machine and is fitted with the new ‘stepped-in-paddle-legs’ design giving a cleaner tumbling action. The Mech-fiber™ 300 still maintains the unique twin chamber design, separated by the well proven guillotine door assembly to facilitate rapid feed-out.

Lower power, torque and fuel requirements

A typical power unit to tow a loaded Mech-fiber™ 300 would be an 80 HP tractor. The mixer when loaded generally requires approximately half this power, resulting in a dramatic saving on overall fuel consumption by the tractor compared with other mixers, despite a larger capacity and faster discharge rate.

New three-point chassis improving stability

A new three point ‘T’ chassis is fitted with heavy-duty weigh bars which are positioned directly onto the rear axle and to the front drawbar to reduce any potential flexing in the body, thus maintaining the all important weighing accuracy. This all provides for a much lower and more manoeuvrable unit where access is limited.

Two-chain drive system

The tough two chain drive line on the Mech-fiber™ 300 is Keenan’s time-tested design utilising an independent idler shaft to reduce any stress within the discharge auger drive sprockets, while allowing it to be driven at the required speed for fast feed-out rates.


Mech fiber 300 Specifications:

Height: 2685mm (105.5")

Width: 2439mm (96")

Payload: 4000kg

Horsepower: 80HP

Milking cows p/load 60-70


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